Development of Continuous Constant pH Molecular Dynamics (CpHMD)

In recent years, Shen lab further developed CpHMD to improve the accuracy and generalizability. The developments includes the GB-Neck2 based CpHMD, the hybrid-solvent and all-atom GRF and PME CpHMD. Our goal is to offer an accurate, reliable and computational efficient pH-controlling tool (pH stat) to the community in the near future. The CpHMD tools are implemented in both CHARMM and Amber packages.

GPU implementations are under way.

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The first-generation CpHMD technique was developed in the Brooks group. This method utilizes the generalized Born implicit-solvent model for both conformational and protonation state sampling. It was recognized as one of the most accurate pKa prediction tools in the blind protein pKa prediction exercise in 2009. 

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